Five card tarot reading




Your tarot reading will be delivered to the email address provided when you order. If you wish for this to be delivered to a different email address, please let me know either in your order or email me at Laila@blackdragonlotus.comĀ 

Have a question about Love, Money or your Career? Ask it with this reading! Please email me at with your question. This is for ONE question only on the subject of your choice.

Laila has been reading tarot off and on since she was 16. She is now in her 40’s and has spent a long time researching and studying her spiritual path. She first and foremost reads tarot intuitively, then will go into great detail with the meanings of the cards. Her other spiritual gifts include- Clair sentience – clear feeling, Clair cognizance – clear knowing, Clair voyance – clear seeing. Any one of these may come up in a reading. She also uses tarot, oracle cards and her pendulum. Tarot readings are an excellent tool for guidance and spiritual growth, however, readings are for entertainment purposes only. She will not read on anything related to health, pregnancy or legal.


** Nothing in Tarot is set in stone, you always have and always will have free will and choice over everything.** **For entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 and over to order.**


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